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Arseny FEDOTOV. Winner of the first season of the show «Ice Age. Children» («Ice Age. Kids»)
  • Full name :Fedotov Arseniy Vitalievich
  • Date of Birth :September 27, 2009
  • Place of Birth :Moscow, Russia
  • Kind :Single skating
  • Club :Sambo-70, "Crystal"
  • Trainers :Eteri Tutberidze, Sergey Dudakov


Arseny Fedotov is a young Russian single skater, winner of the first season of the show “Ice Age. Children" («Ice Age. Kids»).

Arseny was born on September 27, 2009, he is from Moscow. He grows up in a sports family: the boy’s father is engaged in basketball and his brothers in figure skating. Arseny himself trains with Eteri Tutberdize.

«Ice Age. Kids» is an incredible project that has revealed many young talents to its viewers. One of them, no doubt, is the eight-year-old athlete Arseny Fedotov. Despite his young age, the boy feels very confident on the ice and performs even the most difficult coups and tricks.

Arseny Fedotov. Ice Age. Children («Ice Age. Kids»). They beat us - we fly

One of his performances at the «Ice Age. Kids», a small skater skated to the touching song “We are beaten - we fly” performed by another young talent - the winner of the show “Voice. Children” (“Voice. Kids") by Daniil Pluzhnikov. The number turned out to be incredibly strong and very emotional. The judges and spectators were thrilled.

What makes Arseny Fedotov stand out: confident triple jumps (everything except Axel is available), including 3-3 cascades, with beautiful rotations and beautiful lines. I would like to note his ability to pull jumps, because it is not given to everyone.

Just see what he does! Made a wheel on a step track in a short program! A similar element, by the way, is made by the French skater Kevin Amos.

Arseny Fedotov - a young Russian skater made a wheel on a step track


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